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Competitions & Tournaments

League Shoots

Throughout the year archers up and down the UK are able to participate in local league shoots - these are a good way for archers of any ability to travel to different clubs and meet archers throughout the county. Everyone is welcome to shoot, at any distance. . Download this document for more information on how the league shoots are run.

During the winter season, there is a league competition that does not require any travelling. The shoots are all done within the club's local sessions, and the scores are sent to the organiser.

Derbyshire League

Summer League

The summer league shoots take place from May to September.

Each shoot starts at 1pm so you need to be at the venue around 12pm. Each match is against a different club, or clubs, in Derbyshire and will be in a different location. The round has been changed from a Long Western to a (normal) Western. Last year we entered teams for recurve, compound, longbow, junior and handicap.

Winter League

The winter league shoots take place from November to March.

No travelling is involved. The shoots are at each club's local venue.

There is an indoor Portsmouth competition. Last year we entered teams for recurve, compound, junior and handicap.
There is an outdoor Frostbite competition. Last year we entered teams for recurve, compound and handicap.

The first Portsmouth and Frostbite rounds shot by an archer, each month, are the ones that get entered as their league score. (Multiple entries for multiple bow types). The scores are submitted to the league organiser at the end of each month.


Competition Resources

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