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Beginner's Courses

The club runs taster sessions which last for 1.5 hours that allow individuals who are interested in archery to try out the sport without investing in any equipment as we will supply everything you need.  Currently we are offering these sessions once a month and they are delivered by fully qualified Archery GB coaches.  The cost is £15.00 per person and enquiries can be made via our website contact page or our social media pages.

Once you have booked your session we will provide details of the location of your taster session and provide you with information regarding dress code to ensure that everyone is safe.

We run Beginner’s Courses that are designed to provide individuals with a basic level of archery competence and understanding of the Archery GB rules of shooting together with the relevant safety considerations relating to archery.

The courses are run by qualified Archery GB Coaches and you will learn about all aspects of archery, get lots of practice and be able to improve your shooting. Once the course is completed (you will need to attend all sessions), you will be issued with a certificate that will enable you to join an archery club.

The course is comprised of 4 x 3 hour sessions and the cost is £90.00 per adult and £50.00 per junior (anyone under the age of 18).   We loan you all the equipment you will need to complete a course.  Enquiries can be made via our website contact page or our social media pages.

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Beginners: About
Beginners: About
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