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2022 Flood Damage - Sport England Grant

Updated: May 25, 2022

As you will all know in February our lovely archery field turned into a lake following Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice.

Both the field and our target bosses took an absolute battering.

Once the water had subsided Clare R rallied the troops and a group of members headed to the field to assess the damage, retrieve the targets that had been well and truly battered and flung across the field, and undertake some remedial repairs.

It became clear that the hard work undertaken by the targets over the past 12 years and the impact, not just of this year’s floods and high winds, but those of 2019, had taken their toll. We needed to replace targets, but the insurance did not cover us and we did not have sufficient in surplus funds to cover the costs involved.

It just so happened that I had been looking at sources of grant funding for the club and I discovered that Sport England had launched an emergency flood fund that clubs could apply to. So, with the help of Shaun, Mags and Clare R, I pulled together an application form and submitted within the timeline set out and before the fund closing date of the 24th of March. I put in a request for funding to replace six targets and the delivery charge having got a quote from our previous supplier.

It was so fantastic to receive an email on the 31st of March to say that we had been awarded an Exchequer Award for the full amount I had asked for a total of £1,861.00 to help the club recover and replace well-worn and damaged equipment.

Along with Shaun and Mags we completed the acceptance of the funding on Tuesday 5th of April and hopefully we will soon be in receipt of the funds in order that we can place the order for our new targets.

We are now able to use the Sport England logo for any media reports relating to our funding and use it on our website.

I am going to continue to seek out funding, the next application to be to the Sport England Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund which is underpinned by the National Lottery. Funding of between £300 and £10,000 is available so if you have any ideas on a project that would address the following key priorities, please let me know:

  • To help inactive people get more active, or less active people become more active;

  • A project that would support people who may otherwise have less opportunity to be active. Sport England’s priority here is to support projects working with people living in areas of disadvantage, as defined by the indices of multiple deprivation areas 1-3;

  • How a project would add value to our local community and work collaboratively with other groups to maximize the impact of the project.

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